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  Holiday season is upon us and Christmas toys are coming! Popular toys for girls and boys make for an exciting Christmas line-up this year, but what tops the hottest holiday toys list for 2019?

  After much research, CNET has determined which products will top the list this season. Interactive animals, super heroes, action figures and slime are still in demand, and LOL Surprise, Playmobil and Lego remain top brands. Requests for fun new tech toy picks like Lumies, Osmo, and #Snapstar are also bound to show up in Santa's mail. And if it's action they're after, we have the latest scooter and some retro roller skates to pick from. Check out our list of the best Christmas toys to buy and let us help you find the perfect gift for any kiddo on your holiday toy shopping list.

  If you've got a little one who loves unboxing little LOL Surprise dolls, this is the ultimate gift. The Amazing Surprise is a huge box that includes 14 exclusive dolls and over 70 unboxing surprises. Among the bounty are two fashion store play sets, two OMG fashion dolls, three LOL Surprise dolls, three boys, four pets and two Lils dolls. Plus all the teeny tiny accessories and clothes needed to annoy parents for the rest of the year. But it almost certainly worth it for an unboxing this massive. Best for ages 6 to 10.

  This toy is on the pricier side, but it'll knock the socks off your little Caped Crusader. The Transforming Batmobile goes from car to upright "Battle Mode" with the touch of a button and the remote also drives the vehicle (it even spins!). The clincher? There's a projectile launcher.

  Frozen 2 fever is about to set in and reinvigorate a love for all things snow queen! Which means this amazing Playmobil Crystal Palace is primed to top holiday wish lists. The raven-haired royal included in this set lives in a glittery, "gem"-filled palace which includes a cave with working lights (AAA batteries required). She even has different outfits, which change depending on the temperature. We love the detail in Playmobil sets and this one is truly something special. Best for ages 4 to 10.

  Juno My Baby Elephant is pure fun. Best for ages 3 and up, this interactive baby elephant can respond to kids with sound and movement, and learn tricks like "eating" and throwing her peanut. Juno also plays with a little mouse friend (included). Batteries not included.

  A transforming jet for superhero dogs? Yes please! Four-year-olds will love the coolest new "Paw Patrol" vehicle. The animated series now has Mighty Pups, wherein the beloved doggies have super powers. The Jet Command Center has all the high-end features (working lights! A launcher!), and comes with a mini jet and a Ryder figure, which shoot out of the Mighty Jet for maximum action.

  Any color these little odd looking creatures touch they can mimic by glowing. Lumies also react to colors using over 100 different sounds and phrases, and they can create different kinds of music as a response to say a green rug or purple bedspread (as if she's not taking this to bed with her). 

  The new Lego space shuttle is one of the coolest toys around. Space-loving kids can build a research shuttle and a Mars rover. Solar panels? Check. Heli drone? It's here too. Grappling arm to retrieve geodes? Obviously. The set also includes two astronaut minifigures who will boldly complete your kid's mini missions to space.

  Cry Babies are new to the world of interactive baby dolls, and they're pretty popular thanks to their big eyes and adorable outfits. When you take Kristal's pacifier out of her mouth, she starts making real baby noises, but sometimes she can get "sick." Kiddos can help her feel better by giving her "medicine" and lots of cuddles! The doll cries watery tears and her skin glows red. Use the glowing thermometer to measure Kristal fever. Additional accessories include a syringe, which you can use to care for this doll until she's all better. Best for ages 3 and up.

  This uber-popular game system from Nintendo is the fastest-selling home console in history. It's easy to see why: The Switch is actually a home system and a handheld unit. There's a dock that connects to your TV at home, allowing for multiplayer gaming. Then you can take the tablet out of the dock and on the go! You can even share the controller and flip the stand to play with others while out and about. So much versatility in one unit. And fans will want to check out the new Switch Lite, the smaller and more affordable (9) handheld version that drops the TV-out support. Read our Nintendo Switch review.

  The coolest thing about Little Tikes' new kitchen is that it grows with your toddler. This collaboration with Tasty (the creators of yummy-looking recipe videos) starts out wide and low, but as your little one gets older, you can make the countertop higher. Other cool features include a phone holder so your budding Insta chefs can snap their creations (or watch cooking videos). 

  This interactive baby dragon from the makers of Hatchimals is a must for fans of the Dreamworks animated franchise How to Train Your Dragon. Baby Toothless is ready to make his debut right out of the box as batteries are included. Kids will love watching their tiny Toothless poke his way out of the egg. And once he's out, the fun continues with "training." When he's tired out, put the little guy back into his egg base.

  Glamour gals will covet this red carpet setup for the #Snapstar doll Echo. The play set includes everything needed to make Echo's red carpet debut a snap. After her entrance, use the green screen and the free #Snapstar Studio app to create cool images. Best for ages 4 and up.

  This electric scooter is pricey, but it's pretty rad. The Razer Power A2 has an electric motor that kicks in once you start scooting—kids can get up to 10 mph on this bad boy. And with a weight limit of 143 lbs, parents can take it for a spin too. The lightweight scooter can fold up for easy transport and acceleration happens with the push of a button; the throttle control is right there on the (adjustable) handle bar. Charge it up and your child can use the motor for up to 40 minutes before it needs a recharge. This is one seriously fun gift.

  Kids who collect tiny Hatchimals figurines will go nuts for this Mega Secret Surprise Egg. For good reason: there are over 40 surprises inside this 9-inch purple egg, including 10 CollEGGtibles characters and a Pixie doll. Other fun treasures include lip gloss and stickers. Ideal for ages 5 to 7.

  A classic with a tech twist, kids ages 3 and up will giggle at the new Movin' Lips version of Mr. Potato Head. Use over 10 pieces to put your toy together, then watch Mr. Potato Head sing over 40 phrases and songs. Then of course, you can rearrange his face and do it again. We have to admit, he's pretty entertaining!

  American Girl's 2019 Girl of the Year is Blaire Wilson, an aspiring chef who lives on her family's New York farm and helps in their restaurant. Kids can read all about this new character's life in her first book (included with the doll). Best for ages 8 and up, the 18-inch doll has a soft cloth body and moveable vinyl limbs. She comes in a white bumble bee sundress and purple sandals, plus accessories. Blaire makes a great addition to any AG fan's collection. These are special (if pricey) dolls.

  This cool new tech toy turns your iPad into a learning game for kids. Kids can manipulate the play pieces in problem-solving games, making screen time educational. We love that Wi-Fi isn't necessary to play and you can track your children's progress through an app. There's an Amazon Fire version available as well. Osmo is something that parents and kids will both love.

  If you've got a little one who loves smashing things up in the kitchen, treat them to the new Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Popcorn Party set. Kids ages 3 and up can crank out squishy popcorn and fill the included buckets. Plus there are molds for making candy and cookie treats. Six cans of Play-Doh are included, plus the "popper" and lots of accessories.

  Fans are saying this is Hasbro's best Beyblade set ever, thanks to cool new designs. And your kid is likely to agree! If you haven't seen Beyblades, they're futuristic-looking spinning top toys that "battle" each other. The new Beyblade Burst Turbo set features a new battleground (ahem, "Beystadium") and six coveted tops, plus two launchers. For added virtual fun, you can scan the tops with the game's app and challenge friends online. There's even a bracket notepad included for battling pals in real life.

  Roller skates are in again! Circle Society makes the coolest skate styles, and they've got two new pairs from YouTube pop star JoJo Siwa, including this neon dream. We love that these skates can adjust from sizes 12 to 3, making them a solid investment that'll last for years. Just push a button to adjust the sizing. Circle Society skates are durable and can be used indoors or out.

  YouTube star Ryan of Ryan's World doesn't just have a ton of followers, he also has his own toy line. New for the holidays is the Super Surprise Safe, which includes over 30 little trinkets that kids can unbox. Use the included key to open the safe and then smash, decode, push, and open to get to the treasure (spoiler alert: it's figurines, stickers and slime). Best for ages 3 and up.

  Kids will love the modern design of the Bianca high-rise dollhouse. KidKraft's latest dollhouse has four stories, but a small footprint, making it a great space-saver. We love that dolls can take the elevator to the bottom floor to check out urban amenities like a coffee shop and yoga studio. Twenty-six accessories are included and this dollhouse is best for ages 3 and up.

  Originally published earlier this month.



  红姐心水真正一统图库“【你】【们】【聊】。” 【看】【见】【一】【零】【来】【了】,【吴】【刚】【非】【常】【识】【趣】【的】【站】【了】【起】【来】,【他】【不】【准】【备】【当】【这】【个】【电】【灯】【泡】。 “【那】【就】【是】【你】【说】【的】【一】【零】【啊】,【看】【起】【来】【并】【不】【好】【看】【啊】,【倒】【像】【是】【个】【假】【小】【子】【啊】。” 【吴】【刚】【的】【女】【朋】【友】【看】【见】【吴】【刚】【过】【来】【低】【声】【说】【道】。 “【谁】【知】【道】【呢】,【也】【许】【林】【振】【东】【就】【喜】【欢】【这】【样】【的】。” 【吴】【刚】【摇】【头】【说】【道】:“【总】【之】【林】【振】【东】【我】【看】【不】【透】,【而】【且】【欣】【赏】【的】【东】【西】

-【送】【神】【子】。 【垂】【幕】【晦】【迹】,【北】【辰】【星】【烨】【隐】【耀】,【萧】【瑟】【起】【凉】,【伫】【影】【穆】【若】【峨】【松】【也】。【钩】【沉】【稽】【古】,【既】【登】【临】【观】【染】【千】【古】,【尽】【照】【残】【红】,【犹】【生】【之】【年】【也】。【纵】【世】【态】【而】【知】【时】【异】,【惟】【此】【心】【念】【持】【恒】,【神】【思】【渺】【然】【朗】【肃】,【垂】【睫】【窈】【视】,【星】【火】【焚】【烧】【牢】【落】,【灼】【尽】【暗】【夜】。【风】【袂】【揽】【入】【桂】【华】,【发】【物】【象】【之】【微】【抉】,【举】【扇】【引】【接】【长】【歌】,【窥】【此】【天】【地】【也】,【死】【国】【开】【道】。 “【当】【虚】【藏】【袭】【向】【大】【地】


  【但】【王】【力】【三】【番】【两】【次】【大】【男】【子】【主】【义】,【如】【果】【说】【师】【傅】【是】【自】【己】【的】【原】【因】【才】【造】【成】【失】【散】,【那】【么】【王】【力】【呢】,【三】【番】【两】【次】,【一】【而】【再】【再】【而】【三】【的】【犯】。 “【你】【以】【为】【你】【是】【什】【么】【大】【英】【雄】【吗】!”【韩】【月】【很】【久】【以】【后】【停】【止】【了】【哭】【泣】,【而】【后】【淡】【淡】【留】【下】【这】【么】【一】【句】【话】【走】【了】。 【半】【个】【月】【过】【去】【了】,【那】【树】【体】【仍】【然】【是】【没】【有】【消】【息】,【甚】【至】【已】【经】【是】【过】【去】【了】【三】【个】【月】【了】! 【狗】【神】【族】【人】【在】【此】【时】【代】【重】【新】红姐心水真正一统图库【五】【千】【名】【左】【右】,【一】【百】【名】【左】【右】,【听】【起】【来】【就】【是】【一】【些】【大】【概】【词】【可】【确】【实】【那】【么】【刺】【耳】。 【他】【钟】【离】【昧】【已】【经】【很】【努】【力】【了】,【结】【果】【才】【是】【一】【个】【二】【流】【高】【手】,【没】【有】【想】【到】【在】【这】【里】【只】【是】【排】【到】【了】【几】【千】【名】,【想】【起】【来】【钟】【离】【昧】【有】【一】【些】【沮】【丧】。 【这】【里】【才】【是】【强】【者】【集】【中】【训】【练】【营】,【深】【深】【地】【吸】【了】【一】【口】【气】,【钟】【离】【昧】【觉】【得】【这】【也】【是】【机】【会】,【因】【为】【只】【有】【这】【样】【的】【压】【力】,【他】【才】【会】【变】【得】【更】【强】,【不】【管】【出】

  【琼】【瑶】【阿】【姨】【的】【电】【视】【剧】【我】【们】【小】【时】【的】【必】【备】【神】【剧】,【期】【期】【不】【拉】,【从】【头】【到】【尾】,【而】【且】【琼】【瑶】【阿】【姨】【也】【商】【场】【找】【美】【女】,【在】【还】【珠】【格】【格】【这】【部】【剧】【中】【的】【演】【员】【每】【一】【个】【都】【能】【称】【的】【上】【是】【大】【美】【女】,【赵】【薇】 【林】【心】【如】 【王】【艳】【是】【最】【熟】【悉】【的】,【这】【三】【人】【可】【是】【极】【大】【程】【度】【上】【提】【高】【了】【整】【部】【剧】【的】【颜】【值】,

  “【仙】【羽】!!!【你】【还】【不】【起】【床】【工】【作】!!!” 233【的】【声】【音】【从】【仙】【羽】【身】【后】【传】【来】,【仙】【羽】【猛】【地】【一】【个】【激】【灵】,【从】【睡】【梦】【中】【醒】【了】【过】【来】。 【她】【打】【了】【个】【哈】【欠】,【一】【副】【没】【有】【睡】【好】【的】【样】【子】。 233【出】【现】【在】【仙】【羽】【的】【面】【前】,【给】【了】【仙】【羽】【一】【个】【大】【大】【的】【白】【眼】。 “【你】【就】【装】【吧】【你】!”【说】【完】【一】【把】【将】【仙】【羽】【拉】【了】【起】【来】,【往】【房】【间】【外】【面】【走】【去】。 【仙】【羽】【被】【拖】【着】【来】【到】【她】【每】

  【木】【连】【欢】【和】【肖】【舒】【邪】【婚】【礼】【过】【去】【了】【有】【一】【段】【时】【间】,【在】【这】【些】【日】【子】【里】,【木】【老】【家】【主】【和】【陆】【老】【家】【主】【相】【处】【的】【还】【算】【融】【洽】,【偶】【尔】【也】【会】【一】【起】【下】【下】【棋】,【练】【练】【太】【极】。 【不】【过】【两】【人】【处】【着】【处】【着】【就】【翻】【船】【了】。 【陆】【老】【家】【主】【一】【气】【之】【下】【就】【要】【离】【开】【檀】【山】,【不】【跟】【木】【老】【头】【这】【个】【老】【匹】【夫】【呆】【在】【一】【起】,【就】【连】【整】【个】【陆】【家】【都】【要】【一】【块】【带】【走】。 【陆】【云】【欢】【倒】【没】【反】【驳】,【乖】【乖】【地】【跟】【着】【他】【走】【了】,【不】,【是】【带】

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